Library Learning Hubs – Updated Innovation Plan

It hardly seems possible that an entire year has passed since we began working on our innovation plans in EDLD 5305. While many elements of my original innovation plan to host a library STREAM Camp are the same, I recognized the need to make enhancements. Some adjustments are due to experiences of the past year, and some are due to additional research.

After researching, I have determined to shift my overall Innovation Plan from only being focused on STREAM camp, to supporting the transformation of our district libraries to engaging learning hubs. Professional learning is a critical element of this transformation as librarians are required to provide engaging, innovative activities such as coding, 3D printing and other STEM focused events.

The main innovations of library summer STREAM camp in my original innovation plan were:

  • Hosting virtual learners – 👍🏼
  • Including 3D printing – 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Hosting a separate camp for middle school students 👍🏼

As I consider the overarching questions, that has helped help me make the necessary modifications to my innovation plan.

  • What worked? – Having a separate camp for middle school students went very well because they were able to engage in some higher level activities. The students at all levels engaged in stem challenges which they made mostly with common items found at home or supplies like plates, cups, straws and tape. Also the fact that we hosted virtual learners went well. Getting their supplies to them was manageable. However, we had fewer interested in participating in camp virtually than we had anticipated. Another element that worked really well was the fact that we had Kiwi kits. The original plan was to get those only for the virtual learners but we were able to provide them for everyone. They were a great addition to the STREAM Camp.
  • What could have been done better? – The registration process was a little bit difficult because we had to make more space for face-to-face learners and it was work intensive. The supply ordering should have occurred earlier. It was also complicated by the fact that very late into the planning process, our district leadership requested that we expand all of the camps including, STREAM camp. Also, students reported that they would have enjoyed camp more if we had provided snacks.
  • How to apply the lessons learned? I think the biggest lesson learned is to plan early, and take into consideration input from all of the stakeholders. Also, the kids need snacks!

Adjustments to innovation plan:

  • Included below in the slideshow presentation are the overarching questions for the 3D printer initiative that we started this summer, providing each elementary library with a 3D printer. I intend to include this as part of my updated innovation plan as it is linked directly to STEM learning, and makerspaces in library learning hubs.  STREAM camp did not allow for a lot of time for 3-D printers, so this element of the innovation plan will be in process throughout the whole school year, not just in the summer.
  • The third element that I will add to my innovation plan is professional learning that we are planning for librarians by future ready presenterShannon McClintock Miller. While hosting professional learning may not seem like an innovation, I do consider it to be. We have not carved out opportunities beyond our monthly PLCs for librarians to learn very often in our district. They do go to their annual convention, but they deserve deeper learning experiences here at home. I first realized this as we learned in EDLD 5389 Effective Professional Learning. But it was confirmed for me as I did my research for the literature review as well. The need for STEM and makerspace professional learning was mentioned repeatedly in the research.

Below is the STREAM Camp portion of the updated innovation plan.

Here is a review of literature associated with STEM learning in libraries. In my research, I found that as job opportunities for STEM focused careers are on the rise, libraries are a wonderful environment for sparking an interest in these topics. For this to be successful, our librarians need adequate professional learning opportunities to develop their skills to help students stretch their exploration.

This is the call to action video which establishes the need for continued support of library innovation in our district.


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