Digital Learning in Local & Global Contexts

Library Learning Hubs – Updated Innovation Plan

It hardly seems possible that an entire year has passed since we began working on our innovation plans in EDLD 5305. While many elements of my original innovation plan to host a library STREAM Camp are the same, I recognized the need to make enhancements. Some adjustments are due to experiences of the past year, and some are due to…

STEM, STEAM, STREAM and Makerspaces in Library Learning Hubs

References: Cmoeinc. (2013). How To Get Quick Feedback With The Plus Delta Tool. YouTube. Retrieved October 6, 2021, from Scouts of the USA. (2012). Generation STEM – full report – girl scouts. Retrieved October 21, 2021, from Family Research Project. (2019). Public libraries engage families in STEM. Retrieved October 21, 2021, from…

EDLD 5314

In EDLD 5314, Digital Learning in Local & Global Contexts in the Digital Learning and Leading Program at Lamar University, we analyzed and assessed global educational technology innovation projects to determine what worked and what could be done better and apply those lessons learned to local innovation projects.

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