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3D Printing for Learning Course Details

  The online course that I am designing in Schoology will be for an audience of teachers, librarians, curriculum specialists, and campus technology support specialists. This year, every single one of our elementary libraries will have 3D printers. The 3D…

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3D Printing for Learning

To support the successful implementation of the 3D printer initiative in our district, I am in the process of developing an online course called 3D Printing for Learning. The online course that I design in Schoology will be for an…

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Crucial Conversations and Steps to Becoming a Self-Differentiated Leader with Purpose

What does it take be a successful leader and innovator? Leadership can be considered a craft built on skills that must be developed and honed over time. Communication is one of those many key skills. Throughout this class session, Leading…

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Significant Learning Outcomes

The STREAM Camp outlined in my Innovation Plan is sure to be a large undertaking this year as we are adding a few innovative layers to our previously successful camps: hosting twice as many students as before including virtual learners…

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