Synthesis of Digital Learning & Leadership

Innovation Plan Reflection

State of the Innovation Plan after 17 Months Part A – Innovation at Work Throughout our entire Digital Learning and Leading program at Lamar University, we have consistently connected our learning to an Innovation Plan. After I chose the topic of my innovation with the guidance of Dr. Thibodeaux, as outlined in this COVA Reflection…

Digital Learning and Leading Journey Synthesis

My Digital Learning & Leading JourneyClick to read this book, made with Book Creator Where & Why I Started My Digital Learning and Leading journey has been one of growth, exploration and interest to me. Looking back I can see growth in myself both professionally and personally. I attribute this to the COVA method and…

COVA Reflection & Application

Mastering Choice, Ownership, Voice and Authentic Learning Part A – COVA at Work Throughout the Digital Learning and Leading Master’s program at Lamar, we have been immersed in the COVA approach to teaching and learning. This approach is based on the book COVA: Choice, Ownership and Voice through Authentic Learning, in which Harapnuik, Thibodeaux and…

EDLD 5320

In EDLD 5320 Synthesis of Digital Learning and Leadership, we will synthesize our knowledge, skills, beliefs, and values gained through our digital learning and leadership experiences and present a comprehensive plan on how we developed into digital learners and leaders that can identify and promote innovation, create significant digital learning environments, and lead organizational change.

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