Libraries as Learning Hubs – Harnessing Vital Behaviors & the 6 Sources of Influence

After reading Influencer, by Joseph Grenny et al, I am able to see how the ideas and strategies set forth in the book can apply to a wide array of needs for change.

I see the need to drive change in multiple ways continuing to crop up at work on a daily basis. It could be simply because change is on my mind, similar to when you are shopping for a new vehicle, all you see on the road is that exact model of vehicle. Five key areas in which I envision applying these vital behaviors and six sources of influence are:

  • Structuring and distributing our library budgets equitably
  • Planning professional learning around needs based on data
  • Incorporating a model of lead teachers in the area of instructional technology 
  • Implementing blended learning on a broader scale, at all grade levels
  • Transforming ALL of our district libraries from the traditional model to become bustling learning hubs

The last idea, transforming all libraries to become learning hubs, is directly related to the STREAM camp in my innovation plan. The types and broad focus of activities in STREAM exemplify our hope for all of our libraries. Beth Holland says in her 2015 Eduptopia article that, “Libraries become a different kind of learning destination when schools reimagine them as open, transparent spaces that invite student communication and collaboration.” Many of our librarians have already skillfully modernized their libraries in terms of materials, activities and climate. We want to maintain that momentum, highlight the positive and innovative changes as well as leverage our district resources to propel our libraries to become the learning destination that every student and staff member wants to visit.

In the Module 3 Video, Dr. Harapnuik quotes Joseph Grenny “One of the biggest mistakes people make is to not address all six sources of influence in their change strategy. “ Those six sources of change are divided into two main domains of motivation and ability and further divided into personal, social and structural sources. The image below outlines my thoughts about diagnosing the sources of influence for strengthening the abilities of our libraries to become learning hubs.

We will know we have achieved our goal when we have 200 examples of library activities documented that highlight quality engaging and innovative practices in our library learning hubs.

Look vigilantly for one or two actions that create a cascade of change.”

Joseph Grenny


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