Holly D. Landez ePortfolio


Reflections on Choice

choice – noun \ ˈchȯis  \ power of choosing  Our Digital Learning and Leading Master’s program at Lamar University is centered around the COVA approach as well as CSLE, or Creating Significant Learning Enviroments. As students, we created ePortfolios to document our…

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Reflections on Ownership

own·​er·​ship | \ ˈō-nər-ˌship  \ noun – the state, relation, or fact of being an owner With the COVA and CSLE approach, all of the elements must be present for meaningful learning to occur. For students to have ownership of their learning, they need to…

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Reflections on Voice

voice \ ˈvȯis  \ noun –  wish, choice, or opinion openly or formally expressed Without motivation, there is no push to learn; without engagement there is no way to learn; and without voice, there is no authenticity in the learning. For students…

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Reflections on Authentic Learning

au·​then·​tic | \ ə-ˈthen-tik  , ȯ- \ adjective – true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character Did you ever have a situation where a parent, teacher, older sibling or other authority figure tried to explain something to you or teach you something, but the message…

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Applying Educational Technology Portfolio Reflection

In this session particularly, we needed to be the drivers of our own learning because the main graded assignment, our ePortfolio, was due at the end of the course. We did have instructional guides such as the COVA book and…

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Exemplar ePortfolios

I appreciate the opportunity that we had to look over exemplar ePortfolios, examples of student portfolios at various levels, those of other DLL students, as well as portfolios and blog sites belonging to edtech professionals and bloggers. I spent a…

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