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Digital Learning and Leading Journey Synthesis

My Digital Learning & Leading Journey Click to read this book, made with Book Creator https://read.bookcreator.com Where & Why I Started My Digital Learning and Leading journey has been one of growth, exploration and interest to me. Looking back I…

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Comparing ePortfolio Platforms

When I started this program, I believed I had a clear understanding of what an ePortfolio could be. Throughout the past three courses of the Digital Learning and Leading program, I have adjusted my ideas and expanded my view. Students…

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Applying Educational Technology Portfolio Reflection

In this session particularly, we needed to be the drivers of our own learning because the main graded assignment, our ePortfolio, was due at the end of the course. We did have instructional guides such as the COVA book and…

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Exemplar ePortfolios

I appreciate the opportunity that we had to look over exemplar ePortfolios, examples of student portfolios at various levels, those of other DLL students, as well as portfolios and blog sites belonging to edtech professionals and bloggers. I spent a…

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Who Owns the Portfolio? Who Owns the Ideas?

In a recent class session we discussed who owns the learning portfolio. That was such an interesting discussion because we talked about the fact that an educational institution may own the data, but the learning, and intellectual property should belong…

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Process Before Product

I am absolutely convinced that ePortfolios are an indispensable method for showcasing visible learning by students for so many reasons. Primarily, working through the process of creating a tangible portfolio product, regardless of what platform it is in, is where and how the learning…

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