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Digital Citizenship Reflections

Culminating Project Digital Citizenship Click to read this book, made with Book Creator https://read.bookcreator.com Reflections This class has provided me with a wide range of insight in the topics of digital citizenship. With the availability of ubiquitous technology and the…

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Week 4 of our EDLD 5316 Digital Citizenship course has been rich with learning opportunities! This week we: Engaged in discussion posts Reviewed cyberbullying case studies Read rich material and viewed a variety of videos Wrote a reflection journal Located…

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Copyright Case Study 1 – Terry In this case study, we were asked to analyze whether or not Terry, a high school teacher, is ethically and legally permitted to use these resources and artifacts for instructional material under current copyright…

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Net Neutrality & Digital Tattoo

Two Digital Citizenship Topics in One Post Net Neutrality Net neutrality, the concept that the internet is open to users regardless of legal content that they choose to access, without being blocked, throttled, or required to pay additional fees has…

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Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship? The International Society for Technology in Education defines digital citizenship as the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and acting in ways that are safe, legal and ethical….

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