Concepts of Educational Technology

Digital Learning and Leading Reflection

I have already gained so much from the first two classes of the Digital Learning and Leading program!  I have stretched myself further than I previously believed that I could or would. This is largely due to the fact that the topics in our courses are of great interest to me. I really appreciate the opportunity…

Professional Learning Networks

edTech Networking – Google Drive I love the idea of reflecting upon professional learning networks. Professional learning networks can take so many forms, and they have transformed significantly over the past few years! When we first think of professional learning communities, we might think of colleagues in our immediate vicinity. We may start with our…

Learning Manifesto

The Learning Manifesto of Holly D. LandezClick to read this book, made with Book Creator My Learning Manifesto Everyone Can Learn I strongly believe that every student can learn if they are provided the optimum opportunities and learning conditions. Carol Dweck’s research and teachings state that because of brain plasticity, learners can grow through challenges…

Growth Mindset for All Plan

Impact of Mindset Stanford researcher Dr. Carol Dweck has made it her life’s work to learn about what motivates and drives people to learn, regardless of their natural abilities or talents. In her book Mindset: The new psychology of success, she explains that the growth mindset is the belief that everyone can learn, change and…

EDLD 5302

In EDLD 5302, Concepts of Educational Technology in the Digital Learning and Leading Program at Lamar University, we created and designed activities centered around Growth Mindset, Professional Learning Networks and learning manifestos.
As a result, we are taking ownership and agency over the learning process by designing authentic projects incorporating learner choice and voice to utilize technology innovations as a catalyst for change in our organizational settings.

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