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Category: EDLD 5315

Action Research Plan and Reflection: School Library Engagement with 3D Printing

This session of EDLD 5315 Assessing Digital Learning & Instruction has provided authentic, timely and relevant learning to help me succeed in the role as a District Instructional Technologist. I now have the skills that I need to drive the…

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Innovative Themes for Learning: School Library Engagement with 3D Printing

Review of the Literature What type of activities and materials can schools provide in libraries that will engage students, pique their interest for challenging topics and promote authentic learning?  How can school libraries become bustling learning hubs, allowing educators to…

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Action Research Design Outline

Topic The action research project that I design will be centered around 3D printers in elementary school libraries. As the courses in our Digital Learning and Leading programs have progressed, I have changed my innovation plan, although the topics are still…

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