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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Begin with the End in Mind

The book Understanding by Design outlines a thoughtful method of designing “curriculum, assessment, and instruction – focused on developing and deepening understanding of important ideas.” (McTighe, 2005) The method introduced by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe requires the educator to…

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Significant Learning Outcomes

The STREAM Camp outlined in my Innovation Plan is sure to be a large undertaking this year as we are adding a few innovative layers to our previously successful camps: hosting twice as many students as before including virtual learners…

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Learning Philosophies in Action

It is my belief that learning is very personal and can be a messy amalgamation of inputs and experiences. Each learner absorbs knowledge in a different way based on their experiences, natural abilities and opportunities. Learning styles and motivation for…

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Cultivating to Connect

SWAY Presentation Creating Significant Learning Environments in the New Culture of Learning What if we could transform the landscape of education so that students would be driven to learn, and feel successful and empowered? What if we could teach the…

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